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HR Advisor | Hamilton, New Zealand

You are applying for the position: HR Advisor | Hamilton

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4. Your Experience:
Share with us your answer to the HR question in our advert. A client is frustrated and venting about how the team are not doing what they are asking, and the Client is having to do everything or fire-fighting to fix others mistakes. Where would you start probing first?

5. HR Experience:
How many years of generalist HR experience do you have?

6. HR Expertise:
Please select your 3 favourite HR specialties

7. Employee Relations Experience:
Please rate your confidence with handling disciplinary and employee performance matters

8. Your views on recruitment:
Share with us your views on the challenges facing Small & Medium Businesses(SMBs) in attracting good talent?

9. Preferred Start Date:
If you were successful, please indicate when you would be able to start working with us.

10. Availability:
This is a genuine 3 days per week part time role. Please indicate your availability and preferred hours of work.

11. Flexibility:
Are you setup to work remotely?

12. Travel:
Some work will require you to work at a Client's site. Most Clients are local to Hamilton or within an hours drive. Do you have reliable transport?

13. Pay:
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14. Systems:
What recruitment testing tools and candidate management systems are you familiar with?

15. Computer Software:
Please select which of the following computer programs you are most familiar with and can operate to an intermediate or advanced level

16. Best Fit:
Tell us why you are the best person for this role.

17. Previous Employment References:
Should you be requested to attend an interview for this position, we may undertake a short reference check with a recent employer. Contact will not be made with any referees without your prior permission. Can you please provide details of at least 2 referees that would be able to describe your work performance and the way you work with others?

18. Previous Employment References:
For the purpose of compliance with the Privacy Act 1993, do you consent to Stapleton Consulting and the Client, to which this application apples, seeking verbal or written information on a confidential basis about you, from the referees listed; and authorise the information sought to be released by them to us for the purposes of ascertaining your suitability for the position you are applying for?

19. Previous Employment References:
Do you understand that the information received by us is supplied in confidence as evaluative material, and will not be disclosed to you?

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