Experienced Cadastral Surveyor

Cambridge, New Zealand

Reference: 5932295

A new job. New location. New outlook?

If you are looking for an opportunity to step out of the everyday overwhelm or humdrum of your job, we have something refreshingly different for you to consider at Cogswell Surveys. Based in an idyllic corner of the Waikato, this Surveyor role is waiting for someone who is feeling like they need a new lease on life.

How would you like to work with a team that is supportive, collaborative and committed to helping you show up and do your best work every day?

Bring your cadastral surveying experience to a community-oriented business with a passion for excellence. We are looking for someone to approach the role with an innovative, detail-oriented mindset and a ‘team win' attitude. Not licensed? Don't worry, keep reading.

Why working at Cogswell Survey's might feel like a breath of fresh air?

Supportive team environment

Egos don't get projects over the line, communication does! Cogswell Surveys encourages and expects everyone in the team to support and contribute to the ultimate success of each project.

End-to-end project oversight

Don't worry about getting pigeonholed into one area, they want the team to stay with projects from beginning to end so you get to experience and contribute to the entire lifecycle of a project.

Collaborative knowledge

Everyone's an expert in their own area, but it takes a team to get the project done. You will be able to benefit and learn from the collective experiences of the entire team as you navigate each unique challenge.

If you want to get licensed, then Cogswell is the best place for you. With several residential subdivision projects on the go, large and small, you can work with some of the best, and have the support of others who have recently been licensed.

To sum it up, Cogswell Surveys really knows how to get the job done, and have the reputation to prove it. If this sounds like the next step for your career check out the job description, we can't wait to hear from you.

This position will remain open until filled. First in, first served.

Applications will only be accepted from candidates who can legally work in NZ and are already in NZ.