H&S Business Admin

Safety needs a solid foundation - could you be our rock?

Hamilton, New Zealand

Reference: 5506664

We need a dependable, rock solid admin support person. It's someone who can make sure all our foundational processes and systems are on a firm footing, so that Yvette (our top Health & Safety specialist) has the space to shine. If you're confident in your ability to ace the fundamentals so others can excel, we want to hear from you.

The Star Safety team are on the lookout for someone hoping to join us in building something great. It will start out with you providing admin support for 20 hours a week - but with the chance for much more to come.

Yvette Steenson's mission is to make health and safety easy for businesses across the country, and we hope you will be game to make her job easier along the way.

If you think you can be a reliable shoulder to lean on for our Health & Safety star, organising and empowering her to simplify, refine and explain good health and safety practices across a range of industries (especially trade businesses), then you might just be perfect.

The Star Safety crew spend their days working to make sure that every employee possible enjoys an essential, basic human right: the chance to feel safe and secure while they go about their day's work. Pinning down all the various aspects of what makes a workplace safe can feel overwhelming sometimes, but Star Safety puts those concerns to rest and makes things plain and simple.

It's no easy job, making the ins-and-outs of Health & Safety accessible to everyone, so what precisely are we looking for from our safety admin rock? Here's a handful of the tasks that you will be comfortable dealing to:

  • Managing client subscriptions
  • Business coordination (keeping all the cogs turning)
  • Diary management
  • Monitoring/troubleshooting systems to ensure its all humming
  • Social media management

Think you can handle those fundamentals? Here is what we think you'll need to lay great foundations for Yvette's essential work:

  • Health & Safety experience or exposure (this is essential)
  • Zoho experience, or something similar, and at the very least, the ability to learn Zoho fast
  • Confident with Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Excellent initiative and did we mention mind-reading skills?

In your interview, we'll be looking for you to show us what you can do with Zoho, and MS office tools.

So are you ready to be the shoulder our Health & Safety expert can lean on?

With the potential to range far beyond this initial scope in time, you have the opportunity to stake out a place for yourself in the world of Health & Safety admin. Come on - build your future on something amazing with us.