HR Advisor

Can you navigate the murky waters of HR?

Hamilton, New Zealand

Reference: 5335685

Can you navigate the murky waters of HR?

Guide a team past the (mostly metaphorical) rocks, whirlpools, and sea monsters of the employment journey, and deliver them safely to their final destination: if this kind of thing intrigues you, you're going to love this job.

We're looking for someone who can bring both empathy and a logical, fact-based approach to the role of HR Advisor. If you're ready to bring head, heart and a maverick mindset to this flexible 3-day role, you're halfway there already.


a client is complaining that their team isn't doing what they've been asked, leaving it up to the client to do everything or tackle the firefighting to fix others' mistakes.

Where would you start?

If shining a guiding light on solutions to these kinds of rocky problems gets you in the zone, then we reckon you'll slot right in at Stapleton Consulting, like a skilful navigator on an intrepid voyage.

At Stapleton Consulting, our mandate is to help employers navigate the (sometimes perilous) employment journey, by equipping them with transformational tools that lead to progressive work culture.

We're on the hunt for top-notch problem solvers: join us as we become increasingly recognised as the reliable, strategy-focused ‘maverick alternative' for employers who need quality, comprehensive HR services.

So what else do we need from our crew-focused HR navigator? A growth mindset is important - even better if this comes out of an innately curious nature: a passion for continual learning and new challenges will do you well here.

Back to that empathy, we mentioned earlier; it's crucial that you can read a room, and see the world through the eyes of many different people. On voyages into the unknown, it's essential that every crew member's voice is heard and understood.

Potential HR navigators have:

  • A process and detail-oriented mind
  • Excellent former recruitment experience
  • Thorough understanding of employment agreement preparation
  • Confidence in tech-savvy and paperless work environments
  • Solid knowledge of change management processes

Are you ready to embark on an HR adventure that allows you to flex your problem-solving skills, connect meaningfully with people and enjoy a genuinely flexible 3-day role (no '5 days squished into 3', we promise)? With the potential to grow into more complex, HR roles and projects, this is the ideal stepping stone for someone who already has a voyage or two under their belt.

Come show us how you'd shine a guiding light and keep businesses off the rocks - we'd love you to join our journey.

Due to immigration and travel restrictions candidates must have already had a work visa or residency status to legally work in NZ to be considered for this position.

Applications Close: 08 Feb 2021